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Thank you for the scholarship I truly appreciate it. May the Lord God bless you real good. 
Again, thank you. Please have a blessed day.

Austin Gaither 

To the Charles E. ‘Flap’ Glasper Endowment, thank you so
much for blessing me with this Scholarship Award. I am very
grateful and humbled to be chosen among your many candidatesfor such an award.

Brie Wilkerson

Dear 62nd and 65th Regiments Legacy Foundation, Inc.

Thank you very much for the viola M. Smith Young Endowment Scholarship. I appreciate the assistance this will provide towards receiving my degree in history. It means a lot that is supported in such a way at Lincoln University

Emma Regnier

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Thank you so much for awarding me with the 62nd and 65th Regiments Legacy Foundation Scholarship. Not only am I a full time student here at Lincoln University of Missouri, but I also work full time with two children and having the help of aid is so much appreciated with everything my life entails.

When it comes to academics, I intend on keeping myself busy. Currently going on Junior year of college and have been honored to uphold over a 3.0 GPA, Honor Student, recently a Career Services Peer Mentor and Public Relations Intern with Campus Activity Board and also during summer of 2021 had the chance of being a mentor for the Blue Tiger Academy for the freshmans of Lincoln University of Missouri. Once I graduate, I will open a store front for my very own business www.thaasistas and plan to land a job within the Media & Marketing Industry. So plan on seeing me on television very soon!

Being a single mother while keeping myself and kids busy is not an easy task but I am getting the job done! Without scholarships, not sure where I would be financially when it comes to paying for studies. I left working at a Ford Plant in Kansas City to pursue my degree and have not turned back since. When there’s free time I like to give time back into the community by offering a hand at Non Profit Building Community Bridges, RACS and Dreams to Reality all located locally within our city. It’s important to receive blessings and be able to give back too. I love giving back and helping others, that's why I know serving our campus and helping I intend to do as long as I’m here due to the fact we need more leaders, more help, and more mentorship for our students!

Thank you again for this scholarship that will help me a long way. This contribution is something every student wishes they had and I’m completely honored to have been chosen as one of the recipients

Chelsea Robinson

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