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  • What is the history of the original Foundation?
    In what year was the Foundation created? October 8, 1970 Who were the charter board members? Dr. Walter C. Daniels, W. A. Hamilton, Levester Tubbs, Consuela Young Are there any emeritus board members? Dr. Cortez Bradley,
  • Why did the Foundation change its name?
    The Foundation changed its name at the request of the University.
  • Does the Lincoln University or the Board of Curators have voting authority within the Foundation?
  • What does the Foundation do?
    The Foundation raises, invests, and disburses funds to be used for the benefit of students of Lincoln University.
  • What is the mission of the Foundation?
    The mission of the 62nd & 65th Regiment Legacy Foundation is to develop, manage and award funds for scholarships, in accordance with donor intent, to qualified Lincoln University students.
  • How does the Foundation get donations?
    Funds come through fundraising efforts focused on alumni, community, Foundation, and corporate donors. Funds raised by anniversary classes are often amassed to create a dedicated scholarship. The Foundation is also the beneficiary of estate bequests from alumni and supporters.
  • How much money does the Foundation have?
    Foundation balances vary based on market values, earnings and distribution of funds to the students and the University.
  • Does the Foundation have investments?
    Yes. A well-balanced portfolio managed by Central Trust investment experts and the Foundation finance committee.
  • What is a restricted fund donation?
    The donor limits the minimum level of the corpus (the endowed funds retained to generate income) and uses of the fund.
  • How are scholarships awarded from restricted funds?
    The Foundation Scholarship Committee works to match applications with donor intent.
  • What is an unrestricted fund donation?
    These are donations usually designated “for greatest need” that are distributed based on the discretion of the Foundation in accordance with our goal of helping both students and the university.
  • What is an endowed fund?
    An endowed fund is one that is created with a “corpus”, the earnings from which will be used annually in accord with the donor’s intent as specified in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). A corpus is defined as a principal of a fund or estate.
  • Do endowed funds have to maintain a certain balance in the account?
    Yes. The required balance is defined in the MOU.
  • To what authority does the Foundation report?
    The Foundation reports to the State of Missouri, the IRS and our donors.
  • How many board members are there?
    The maximum number is 16.
  • How do you get appointed to the board of directors?
    New members are nominated by Foundation Board members. They are vetted, interviewed, and voted on by the current board members.
  • Do board members donate to the Foundation?
    Yes. The donations range from $1200 to more than $5000 annually per board member. In addition, many board members have created endowed scholarships.
  • How should a student apply for a Foundation scholarship?
    Students should contact the 62nd -65th Regiments Legacy Foundation, Inc., by email at and submit a signed Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) form. Please ensure to do the following steps in this order: Go to the Office of the Registrar; Ask for a FERPA Consent to Release Student Information Form; or complete the FERPA form (shown below); Complete the form IN THE PRESENCE OF REGISTRAR'S OFFICE staff. NOTE: Be sure to write the following on line 3: The 62nd & 65th Regiments Legacy Foundation, Inc. Ask the LU staff person to sign the form acknowledging receipt. Ask for a signed/dated copy of your completed FERPA form for your records; or take a photo of it with your phone; Bring or send a copy of the signed and dated FERPA form to:The 62nd & 65th Regiments Legacy Foundation, Inc. ATTN: Scholarship Committee 609 East High Street PO Box 1376 Jefferson City, MO 65102
  • Does a student need to live on campus to be eligible for a scholarship?
    That depends upon the MOU for the scholarship that is being sought.
  • Are there scholarships for commuter students?
  • Why did the Foundation and University separate?
    The Board of Curators terminated the MOU between the University and the Foundation without any discussion.
  • Is the Lincoln University Alumni Association Inc. a part of the Foundation?
    No. The Lincoln University Alumni Association is not part of the Foundation.
  • Why hasn't the money that was taken from the Foundation and given to the university been returned to the Foundation?
    That is a significant part of the reason there is litigation with the University. The Foundation considers it an improper transfer of donor money that was entrusted to the Foundation to manage.
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